Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Witco Inc. is EDI Capable and documents are transmitted in a structured format, based on the use of EDI message standards.

Our EDI Documents include:

  • Purchase Orders (ANSI- EDI 850, UCS- EDI 875) detail the items, quantities, actual cost or estimated cost, Terms, Notes, Ship-to locations, Ship Dates, Cancel Dates, etc.
  • Invoices (ANSI- EDI 810, UCS- EDI 880) These EDI invoices include most of the purchase order information as well as Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Total Amount Due.
  • Functional Acknowledgments (EDI 997) are short documents returned to the sender of an EDI transmission. They indicate that the transmission was received, but do not indicate agreement with the document.
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855) provide Witco’s acknowledgment and acceptance or rejection of a buyer's purchase order.
  • Advance Shipping Notices (EDI 856) details about the shipment: what items were sent, how many, when they were sent, etc. The ASN document has information about each carton and its contents including the carton number, weight, cube, etc.
  • The Purchase Order Change Request (EDI 860) document is sent by a customer to communicate changes to a previous Purchase Order.
  • Text Message (EDI 864) document is used to communicate plain free-form text messages.
  • The Credit/Debit Adjustment (EDI 812) document is used to communicate details of credits and debits for products.
  • The Organizational Relationships (EDI 816) document is used to communicate location address and relationship information.
  • The Payment Order/Remittance Advice (EDI 820) document is used in connection with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • The Application Advice (EDI 824) document is used to inform our partners of errors in EDI documents they have sent, most often invoices.
  • The Product Activity Data (EDI 852) document is used to report sales, inventory, and ordering information.