Witco Inc. recognizes that the sustainability of our business depends on how well we manage the impact of our operations. Minimizing our “footprint” is not just a moral obligation but also a business imperative. These efforts have created an intense focus on improving our safety and environmental performance as well as managing our process and products through an active stewardship program. We take these responsibilities seriously and utilize our corporate policy to communicate this commitment.

In an effort to become more efficient and reduce our “footprint” Witco has gone “Green”. We have instituted the following initiatives:

  • Installed over 200 T8 light fixtures – cut lighting electrical consumption by 50%
  • Installed occupancy sensors in lighting system
  • Instituted a cardboard recycling program
  • Purchased industrial shredder and instituted recycling program for shredded paper
  • Installed Reverse Osmosis water system to solidify coolant mixture reducing waste
  • Installed high efficiency furnaces
  • Installed additional air receiver tank and looped compressed air system – reduced overall system pressure and allowed us to operate by using a smaller compressor

Our emphasis on safety has led us to become a leading performing company within the precision machining industry. Programs to reduce wastes, emissions and energy consumption have generated continuous improvement. We are committed to the principles of Environmental Stewardship and take seriously our obligations to our local communities and customers.