Defense Industry Prime Contractor for CNC Precision Machined Components ITAR Registered

Thank You to all the Men and Women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

The Defense Industry is different than any other industry in which we operate. The end user, in most cases, of the components and assemblies we create is a soldier located in a remote location far from the great state of Michigan. The component we created could be part of a larger assembly that is protecting individuals that are providing the freedom in which we exist.

Witco Inc. is a Prime Contractor and has been providing precision machined components to the United States military for years as a second and third tier supplier. We have machined gun mounts, gun parts, vision system components, wheeled vehicle parts, tank components, and aircraft fuel system components. Witco is ITAR registered and we are members of the Michigan PTAC and the DC3.

Blanket purchase orders should be considered when:

  • There is repetitive purchase of specific goods and services from the same supplier, which are paid in a predictable manner.
  • Orders require numerous shipment / excessive storage.
  • To obtain favorable pricing through volume discounts.
  • Supports a long-term relationship between the your company and Witco.

Witco not only makes a great part, it has the technology to verify its adherence to the tightest tolerances with a Zeiss Prismo Super Accurate CMM. We have been told by Zeiss that it is one of the most accurate CMMs in the state. The Zeiss Prismo provides the ability to check tolerances to a sub micron level.

As a contract manufacturer we understand the importance of exceeding customer expectations and building a mutually beneficial relationship. By working with companies in several industries we have learned that there is more to a great relationship than just creating great parts. We offer non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, blanket orders, and "Just-in-Time" deliveries.